The average cost to have an organizer come out and a run a tournament for you is anywhere from $1000 to $2000. Now you can do that at a fraction of the cost with Longshot Cornhole's Tournament in a box.


Just pay $29.99 per court you are running at your tournament plus shipping to and from and you can have the Scoreholio app run your tournaemnt for you.


You get complete off-site tournament management from one of our experienced tournament directors. As well as a pre-tournament setup instructions.


Just set up the tablets at the end of your courts, connect them to wifi and hit start tournament. We will handle the rest.


Each court you pay for will be to rent 1 - 7" amazon fire tablet

BONUS - We will add one Amazon Firestick in the box for you to display your tournaemnt.

EXTRA BONUS - We will remotely run your tournament for you from beginning to end.



Tournamnent in a Box

  • You will be responsible for shipping the Tournament in a box back to us the day after your tournament has completed. YOU are responsible for all shipping costs. There is a $20 deposit required for each tablet you rent and that will be refunded back to your card when tablets and box are returned in the condition they were sent to you.

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